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July 06 2017

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Honestly one of my fave posters at a Women’s March

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July 03 2017

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Buçaco, 2017

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It’s Friday night at ΦΦΦ!

Here they are, all together, the girls of Tri Phi! This wraps up my fall illustration thesis. Stay tuned for whatever secrets I pull outta my sleeves next semester!! (throws confetti)

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Real Life Disney Villains, by Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen

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False blame - and with an undercurrent of racism. 

Just noticed the excellent lead comment: 

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dylangehlken_photography 'Atomic Bombo’

Bombo Quarry, Kiama, NSW.

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valentin yudashkin fall 2017

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Starry night above the Alps by Dan Briski

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Into the unknown… by seeker0204

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A story under every umbrella …

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Alain Delon, alone among others, 1962

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June 29 2017

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© All rights reserved by Jamie Betts Photo

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Finally back into the swing of things!

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